Logistics Voices website is all about giving your company, event, association, affiliation or service a stronger voice within the logistics and supply chain sector.
Our primary focus is on the latest press releases, video news, video presentations, interviews and case studies. We aim to bring you the latest opinions and innovations in the logistics and supply chain sector.

What We’re Looking For
We’re looking for your press releases, white papers, case studies and event news, whilst our FREE listings cover everything from recruitment specialists to developers of warehouse management software.

Video News – Lights. Camera. Your Opinion.
Logistics Voices’ primary focus is on video news, presentations, interviews and video case studies. The aim is to bring you the latest opinions and innovations in the logistics and supply chain sector through the medium of video. We also work closely with most of the major events in this sector and distribute video content using the Ecirculate Video Platform. This platform is used by other publications and news sites in this sector.

Logitistics Voices is in partnership with the video production service, The Media Studios.

User Experience – Clean and Simple.
Our aim is to deliver information about suppliers, services and associations in a simple and informative manner.

Here are some of the unique opportunities available on the Logistics Voices website:

PR Agencies
We accept press releases, case studies, white papers and opinion pieces. Imagery is accepted and preferred. If you’re sending content to us for the first time then please include a high-resolution logo of your client’s company.

We’d love to include your event, workshop or seminar in our Event Calendar. If you’re interested in listing an event then please contact us via email on pr@logisticsvoices.co.uk and we’ll send you the information we need to add you to our Event Calendar. Please note that the Logistics Voices works in partnership with the Ecirculate Platform, which runs the same calendar platform on other publications and news sites.

Affiliations and Associations
Logistics Voices will support any affiliation or association working within the supply chain and logistics sector. Please contact us directly if you need an event promoted or any content marketed through our website or on our social media platforms.

Logistics Voices offers a full range of marketing services through its website. Video Production is provided through a partnership with The Media Studios and Social Media Management Services are provided through our partnership with Calm Logic.

That’s All Folks!
If you have any further questions about our website, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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