How Can UK Ports Support Offshore Energy Development?

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UK ports are playing a key role in the country’s energy sector, and this role is evolving as green energy becomes more essential to the economy.

In North East England, the Port of Tyne is leading the way in preparing its site for offshore wind manufacturers.

Matt Beeton, Port of Tyne’s CEO, has this to say:

“Offshore Wind is a sector in which the North East has particular strengths and an area of strategic importance for the regional economy, with the potential to build on our already globally important offshore energy and subsea cluster.”

The Port of Tyne is closer than any other UK port to seven of the world’s largest offshore wind farms. This puts it in the perfect position to support the needs of these offshore energy developers.

UK ports are in prime position to become pioneers of new industry as offshore wind farms expand, providing more sustainable energy across the country.

Boosting Offshore Wind Power

Renewables currently provide nearly a third of the UK’s power, with half of this coming from wind energy. The UK has more installed offshore wind capacity than any other country, making it a world leader in this field.

The Government has announced a £100 million fund to boost UK wind power and a record amount of new offshore energy projects.

It will provide a guaranteed price to those companies willing to take the risk of installing offshore wind turbines by 2025.

These projects should provide power to seven million homes, and they will do it at a cost that is now lower than expected for offshore energy.

The growing offshore wind sector will also generate thousands of new jobs, as it becomes the backbone of affordable, clean energy.

In the past couple of years, the cost of offshore wind power has dropped considerably, by some 30%.

This is helping to incentivise offshore wind development.

Now, UK ports are providing the necessary infrastructure support to establish more offshore energy sites.

Strategic Support for Wind Farm Developments

The Port of Tyne has made a multimillion pound investment to make the Tyne Dock Enterprise Park ready for offshore support.

This includes clearance and remediation, and providing easy access to deep sea berths and other port services.

Where once UK ports supported the growth of the oil and gas industry, they have first evolved to support decommissioning activity, and now are preparing for the next era in energy development and provision.

Port infrastructure can help wind farm development with pre-assembly, construction, installation, operations and maintenance.

As offshore energy matures, ports will also be able to support further asset management.

“Tyne Dock Enterprise Park offers unrivalled access to the East Coast development sites, direct rail connectivity to Newcastle and an international airport, major road networks and multiple riverside berths,” Matt Beeton explains.

Editor - Logistics Voices

Editor - Logistics Voices