PostTag Launches In Dubai With Game Changing Geo Location System.

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PostTag, the destination data engine, today announces the launch of its market leading product in Dubai after developing the most advanced geo location system for the Emirate. PostTag’s market-leading and frictionless system ensures businesses, from deliveries and taxis to emergency services and utilities, can get to the right door first time with pinpoint accuracy.

The system, which will be rolled out to cities across the Middle East, solves the issues caused by deficiencies in local addressing systems. PostTag’s engine has been proven to drive significant efficiencies and boost productivity for drivers.

Thorsten Runge, e-commerce industry leader, has been appointed to lead PostTag’s new operations in Dubai. He has joined the rapidly expanding team as Director of Business Development to drive PostTag’s expansion across the Middle East. Runge has 26 years’ experience in the international logistics field, including eight years as a director at Amazon.

PostTag will build on the Makani numbering system in Dubai and support its evolution by helping to refine usability. PostTag can be integrated with the local geo location system without any input required from customers or drivers.

Thorsten Runge, Director of Business Development in the Middle East, PostTag, said:

“Dubai has rapidly become a world leader for deliveries and E-Commerce. The Makani system was not designed to accommodate the volume of traffic and deliveries which we are now seeing in Dubai and across the UAE. The infrastructure is crying out for evolution. PostTag provides this. It is a genuine game changer which makes deliveries dramatically more accurate, timely and efficient. I am relishing the prospect of launching PostTag in Dubai and eventually across the Middle East”

Paul Yewman, CEO of PostTag, said:

“Dubai was the obvious choice to launch our Middle East hub. It has become increasingly clear that if delivery companies, and anyone who relies on accurate destination data, are going to continue to grow their business then they need to find a way to mitigate the shortcomings with the Makani address system. We have mapped all of Dubai and adopters of PostTag will find the difference with the existing system is stark and that there is a clear and immediate business advantage

“It’s great to have Thorsten on board to launch our Dubai business. He’s widely regarded as an innovative leader in the logistics sector and I’m confident our new offering will go from strength to strength under his leadership.”

Editor - Logistics Voices

Editor - Logistics Voices