Digitising your warehouse: Are smart warehouses the future?

Warehouse space is in more demand than ever before, with businesses stockpiling due to the impending impact of Brexit and e-commerce sales increasing rapidly due to demand through the Covid-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, warehouses should be considering digitising their logistical operations in order to streamline the supply chain, and ultimately meet the consumer demand for immediate results and competitive prices.

Many warehouses currently operate with outdated processes, which can often result in costing both time and money. Yet if the ultimate goal is sustainable growth and great profitability, it is well worth investing in some form of digitalisation, whether that’s the physical digitalisation of the warehouse itself, or working with a platform that allows your current processes flexibility to adapt and change as necessary.

Modernising your warehouse is more than just updating physical equipment, while robotics and automation systems are a huge requirement, it is also important to update internal operational systems. Leading warehousing, logistics and fulfilment platform, Trident Worldwide explain the key benefits behind smart warehousing and how this form of digital can improve supply chain efficiency.

Accelerating processes
The demand for fast time-to-value today is high and is only going to increase. Automated systems allow for speedy processes to take place and improved accuracy, ultimately enabling warehouse workers to perform routine operations significantly faster.

Reduces human error
Even a streamlined operation can still be challenged, as mistakes do happen. Eliminating errors is possible with the help of warehouse automation, both from a physical equipment and data analysis perspective; resulting in no individual processes being neglected or any important details to be missed.

Increased transparency
Nothing can be hidden with smart warehouses, which ultimately is a huge advantage for any business. Access to real-time stats, tracking stock quantities and available stock, plus forecasting demand and planning supply, stock misplacement, generating sales reports and issuing purchase orders are only some of the many benefits that automated warehousing can bring.

Digitising your warehouse provides a positive impact, Trident Worldwide’s CEO, Arjun Thaker explains: “Whether your warehouse is already smart or you’re in the consideration phase, making modern adjustments will only add value to your business. The future of warehousing could somewhat be dictated by technology and by starting now with a modular approach, your business prospects are sure to benefit. By adapting to the current climate, which has seen demand increase exponentially, your business will be able to thrive.

“Trident Worldwide works with warehouses at different stages of their digital evolution. Our platform allows you to progress and monetise every opportunity with your warehouse as well as advance your supply chain. We work with warehouses with existing WMS systems in place, or provide warehouses access and setup on our WMS platform in order to help you optimise your operations and improve efficiency – our advanced service will help you automate and enhance operations.”

Adapting to the age of digital supply chain management is extremely worthwhile to align with other supply chain operations. The industry’s pace is moving fast, and your customer relationships could be at risk if demand can’t be operated at an efficiency high enough to succeed customer satisfaction.

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